AsiaAvenue is a collaborative effort by Indian institutions committed to building East Asia as disciplines in India. 

AsiaAvenue serves as a platform that provides learners and practitioners in the field of East Asia Studies access to opportunities to further pursue their interest in the field. These opportunities could entail but are not limited to research opportunities, internships, job opportunities, fellowships/scholarships, and programs focused on East Asia across all levels of learning. 

The Need for AsiaAvenue

AsiaAvenue was created to fulfill the requirement to aid scholars to find the right opportunities, connect with the right institutions, and be able to continue their work towards building the academic foundation of East Asian studies in India. 

Through AsiaAvenue, our hope is to support many students and scholars within the Indian ecosystem who have the zeal to give shape to their interests in the field, but are unable to find the right avenues to do the same. 

Institution partNers

AsiaAvenue has been established by institutions committed towards building East Asia Studies in India. 

Apart from helping build this platform, our partner institutions support us by providing listings of opportunities, and ensuring that our platform reaches more people through their network. 

These institution partners are instrumental in the growth and functioning of AsiaAvenue, and it is through their support that we can bring opportunities to our users.

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